CCB Guitar was born out of my lifelong love for music. When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was play the drums. Living in a small house in an even smaller neighborhood, a drum kit was out of the question. Not to ignore my desire to learn how to play an instrument, my parents gave me a guitar, amp and headphones when I was about twelve years old. I was off and running. As I grew older, my musical influences and expression grew as well.

During a dreary New England winter, as I was passing time reesearching guitars, I came upon the Diddley Bow and the Cigar Box Guitar. I was so intrigued by the history and craft that I started building a few for myself and some friends. I was hooked. Listening to legends like Son House and Fontenot further spurned my interest.

Each instrument is individually hand crafted. I scour local cigar shops and vintage shops to find the most interesting boxes. All cuts and joints are hand done with precision. Each neck is solid poplar. Hardware is primitive in household items re-purposed or recycled from cast offs, but fully functional as the listening ear will tell. All are tuned to open G. Each comes with a bottle neck slide, hand cut and polished.

The Diddley Bow and the Cigar Box allow a great amount of freedom and are so much fun to play. I think you'll agree.

-Glen Boutin, Owner