• Image of Custom Cigar Box Guitar (SOLD OUT)

Each guitar comes with a bottle neck slide, hand cut and polished.

1. Choose ACOUSTIC or ELECTRIC, then just place your order here for a completely custom CCB.

2. Once your order is placed, send me a message of what you'd like to do, and we can get started!

We can work together via email or telephone to get the exact CCB you've imagined. If you have any pieces, boxes, license plates, hardware, etc. that you want incorporated into your CCB, we can make it happen!

All cuts and joints are individually handcrafted with precision. Neck is solid maple and can be fretted if you choose. Hardware is primitive in household items, re-purposed or recycled from cast offs, but fully functional as the listening ear will tell. Custom CCBs can have machine tuners or eyebolt tuners, tuned to open G.

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Sold Out